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Besides dining, wine tasting, parties, dances and outings, the wonderful amenity areas within Nonsuch Abbeyfield provide opportunities for all kinds of activities and hobbies. Creative arts, woodworking, book and game clubs, cinema nights, hosting and entertaining the grandchildren, Zumba and Pilates. Between volunteers' and residents' organisational skills there will be no shortage of things to do - if and when you please. For those who enjoy an active and sociable lifestyle, the retirement community at Nonsuch Abbeyfield really is second to none.

Roy & Jackie Munford - Relatives of 2 of our residents

"Nonsuch Abbeyfield is a beautiful place to live, with 60 one and two bed apartments, clustered around some amazing communal facilities, including a bistro, a small shop,  a gym, a cinema and library, a hairdressers and a top floor bar with a pool table, which overlooks the adjoining sports ground. We have been very pleased with this, since our brother and father moved in during a difficult time, due to Covid-19.  Visiting has been stopped for the time being, but we feel that both of our relatives are being well looked after by the staff and restaurant team on site.  They are certainly both very happy and comfortable there, as there is a great community spirit and a lovely feeling of home."


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Abbeyfield houses are special places. Caring without fuss. Safe and secure. Friendly when you feel like company.

One man's vision in 1956 began a movement that now owns and runs over 700 houses in the UK. Priceless experience has been gained and shared over the years. There are a number of senior living communties in this area, grouped under the Abbeyfield Southern Oaks name.

Each has its own character, and characters. Each has a team of professional staff and volunteers, dedicated to ensuring a better quality of life for those in residence, and in the wider community.

Abbeyfield Southern Oaks is a registered charity and operates on a not for profit basis. We share fundamental principles with the national and international Abbeyfield Society, all revolving around the support, care, lifestyle and wellbeing of older people. Whether it is independent living or assisted living, we aim to provide the best living options for everyone.

All Abbeyfield’s houses and care homes support the values and preferences of their residents and are open equally to people of all ethnic, religious and social backgrounds.

Our Community Volunteers and Volunteering.

We believe that local people have an essential part to play in helping older people in our senior living communities to live a more supported, fulfilling, and secure life in their declining years.

We already have close to 100 volunteers giving some of their valuable time to Abbeyfield Southern Oaks. However, we are always ready to welcome new faces, so as to spread the commitment, and to replace those loyal friends who feel that they have reached an age/stage of life when volunteering is no longer for them.

There are lots of worthwhile ways in which volunteers help us to make an independent living, assisted living, and partially assisted living in Abbeyfield extra special for our residents. Some make up the committees which govern and supervise the operations and ethos of our homes and communities. Others act as ‘shadows' and ‘house friends', whose role is to provide pastoral support and friendship to individual residents, and to help enhance the ‘family' feel of the houses by extending the services provided by the housekeeper and other staff.

We look forward to recruiting volunteers from our future residents who we know will bring a wealth of skills and knowledge to our new landmark community.